At Contractors Wardrobe®, their mission is very simple:

To manufacture products and service their customers better than anyone in the industry.

Contractors Wardrobe® designs, produces and manufactures a wide assortment of wardrobe doors. So no matter what your budget or taste, they have something for you.

Every Cw® product receives the care and attention of hand craftsmanship. They begin with carefully selected materials. Then, the expert manufacturing staff systematically assembles, meticulously finishes, and packages each product.


WBS wardrobe doors are made of the highest quality materials. Our innovative designs are both stylish and manufactured to glide with ease. We use the thickest aluminum extrusions available in the industry and every style option is designed to be installer-friendly.

Designed for smooth & quiet gliding using a mohair guide system and Delrin® precision rollers. Using the thickest aluminum extrusions, WBS wardrobe doors are made to be durable. Guide rails are inserted into the frame with double and triple tracks available. Style options include protected edges, multiple finishes including framed/frameless and beveled/non-beveled looks.

Stylish Designs

  • Multiple Finishes
  • Protected Edges
  • Framed/Frameless Look
  • Extensive List of Sizes

Quiet Gliding

  • Mohair Guide System
  • Delrin® Precision Rollers
  • Smooth Flow