That’s why Best Value Glass makes sure to provide expert service during emergency situations like single pane or dual pane window and door breakages. Not all glass can be replaced same-day. If the glass in your window or door shattered into very small pieces, chances are it is tempered. Tempered is a type of safety glass. It shouldn’t cut anyone who handles it, but, as always, we recommend to be very careful during the cleaning process. If your glass is annealed, or non-tempered, it will have cracked in large shards. This glass is especially dangerous because the edges are sharp and can cut those who try to handle it. When calling your breakage in, please provide us with an approximate size in inches. Start by measuring the width, then the height. Let us know if you are located in a single story home or if the breakage occurred on the second story or higher. We also need to know if the glass is clear, tinted, or patterned and what type of frame surrounds the glass. This will determine how fast we can repair the breakage. Our customer service representatives are available during regular business hours to answer your questions and quickly schedule your repair.