Window Installation: Should I Do It Myself?

If you’re replacing your windows, you may be wondering whether or not to install them yourself. We can help you decide!

Note: It is recommended that you have previous window installation or construction experience prior to attempting window replacement yourself. It is also important to acknowledge the amount and location of the windows you want to replace.

Sometimes, it feels like a good idea to do things ourselves because of simple perks, such as the price or time needs. So, here are a few pros and cons regarding installing windows and doors by yourself or hiring a professional company to do so.


  • You can save money on the installation
  • It can be done at your specific time


  • You may measure wrong and get the wrong size window
  • You may lose the warranty placed by the manufacturers on the window(s)
  • There’s bigger risk for improper installation
  • It may take up too much of your time

If you do decide to hire a professional company to do your installation, here are some pros:

  • They have more experience
  • They are required to be certified, meaning that they are sure to do a good job
  • You can replace more than just one window and in any place of the house
  • They can advise you in colors, kinds and brands

The TL;DR Version: There are many pro and cons to each side, but it’s really up to your skill and enthusiasm when it comes to construction. If you enjoy construction and weekend project, doing it yourself may be your best choice. On the other hand, if it’s a bigger project or you don’t have much experience in construction, hiring someone to do it May be your best choice.