Perfect timing, Perfect windows

Perfect timing, Perfect windows

If you’re thinking of replacing your windows, you have probably wondered when to do it. Many people would think that the Spring and Summer months are best, as opposed to the Fall and Winter months. But, in actuality, any time of the year is fine, although the Summer and Fall months, are best suited for window and door replacement in Southern California.

Generally, there’s no need to worry about your home being exposed for too long since our team works with one window at a time.

Benefits of replacing your windows during the Summer and Fall months

Although the summer months are usually the busiest for window installation companies, those months are the best because of the lack of strong rain and wind. This allows for caulking to harden efficiently, providing the tightest seal possible. The Fall months are similar, although there is a higher risk for wind. Keep in mind though, that these are the busiest times, meaning that your project may take longer to be completed. This is also an ideal time to upgrade single paned windows to double paned windows if you want to keep the cold out during the later Fall months and Winter months.

Benefits of replacing your windows during the Winter and Spring months

Although the perks of replacing your windows during the Summer and Fall months may catch your eye, there are also perks for the Winter and Spring months. These months are less busy, which means that your project will take a shorter amount of time than it would take at any other time of the year. Upgrading your windows from single paned to dual paned is also a wise decision during this time, since the heat will be kept out during the Summer months.

Ultimately, the time of year that you replace your windows isn’t very important, just keep the tips above in mind when deciding.

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