How to Measure Windows

Whether you’re replacing your windows yourself or you’re just interested in learning about windows, this article will help you out in the most important thing about window replacement: the measurements.

Getting accurate measurements ensures that you get the best product for your home.

Here is how to measure your windows:
For the width:

  • Measure the inside jamb of the window from the left to the right with a tape measure
  • Jamb: the inside frame piece that doesn’t move. Don’t confuse it with the decorative trim!
  • Measure the bottom, middle and top of the window.

For the height:

  • Measure from the head of the window to the window sill using a tape measure.
  • Measure the right, middle and lefts sides

Things to remember:

ALWAYS record the smallest measurement. This will make sure that the window fits.

Accuracy is VERY important in order to get windows that actually fit

Measure from inside your house

Now you can measure your own window! After you do this, you can order your window to begin your project!

Best Value Glass is not responsible for inaccurate measurements acquired by using this guide.

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